Common Riding Boots Problems Faced By MotorCycle Riders

“ No Plans , No Maps , No GPS , No Rules “ 

This seems to be a motivating line to just backpack and start for a long ride.

Wait !!!!!!!!!!

Did you get your gears right ?

Did you check if those shoes are perfect for your ride ?

Are you sure of those gloves you are going to ride with ?

Do we carry any tents ?

Choosing the right gears can get you ambiguos , 

One of the most important things to be considered as a top most priority for your long awaiting ride is your motorcycle riding boots.

“ Your Riding Boots should be as important as your Destination  “ 

riding boots

You don’t want your bike riding boots to create unnecessary troubles to your beautiful ride. Before we get into the best fitting shoes for you, we must be clear on the common troubles faced by riders, 

In this post I will walk you through some of the most common riding shoes problems faced by riders . Make sure you are aware of each one of them so that it will help you to make a better decision.

Below are some of the Common Riding Boots Problems :

motorcycle riding boots

Tall Boots or High Neck Shoes : A friend of mine returned back with a number of issues on his Riding Boots after a travelling around 600 KM ride road trip.  His tall riding boot refrained him from bending his knees , also bruising the top of his foot. 

These tall riding boots are uncomfortable when you are going for long rides especially for more than a 100KM ride. If it doesn’t have proper features to reduce the stiffness , no proper zippers to pull off and pull on , not fitting for your legs. 

Tall riding boots can create a sore in the back of the knees if used for a longer period of time.

It’s better to avoid using tall riding boots for a long ride. 

Riding Boots does not fit the gear level gaps : Your Riding boots should be such that it comfortably fits between the gear level gaps of your bike. 

You should make sure that you are comfortable in wearing the riding boots to properly oscillate between the gear level gap of your bike. 

It’s better to get new riding boots if you often face such issues instead of adjusting the alignment of the gap level in the bike as doing so can give rise to future problems.

Other ways to solve such issues is to sit a little on the rear end of the bike seat. So that the riding boots fit properly between the footpegs and the gear level.

Instead of adjusting to your improper riding boots it’s better to get a fresh pair of riding boots that makes you comfortable on all conditions.

Choosing the right Riding Boots : This is one of the most common issue faced by riders, this can become very  subjective as different riders will have different opinions about there riding boots. What seems best for one may not be for you. 

There are tactically designed riding boots available specifically for riders comfort while there are other typical shoes like hiker shoes , sneaker shoes , enfield shoes etc which riders find them more comfortable than the one specifically designed for them.

It all depends on using the riding boots first, before you can come to a conclusion on which one is or was better.

Choosing between Urban Riding Shoes Vs Touring Riding – If you are looking for a short ride look for the riding shoes which are of short length but have an hardened toe , heel and ankle protection features . These riding shoes give you a better foot movement and are often lightweight.

While the Touring Riding boots are for long trips engineered for utmost comfort and safety features. Always prefer the  ones which are waterproof and completely breathable inside. 

Touring boots are often with wide surface sole and waterproof materials. Often riders face issues for using the Touring boots for short street or urban rides and vice versa.

Riding Shoes Are Not Waterproof : This happened to me and I hope you can relate. I was on a tour with my friends and the weather changed drastically within a hour. My poor old semi water resistant shoes could not bear the cost of the pouring. 

Some shoes are water-resistant but they are not waterproof, water-resistance riding shoes can help you out for a while but not in the long run if you come across a situation of heavy rainfall.

You don’t want your riding shoes to get heavier carrying the water inside, it becomes nasty in the end, you get cold feet, bruises, and sore feet which you would never want on a long ride.

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