Why Should You Need An Anti Theft Bag As Your Travel Companion

Imagine you are in the middle of a huge crowd or gathering , a complete stranger for everyone and suddenly you lost your most valuable bag carrying your laptops , cameras , money , passports etc. 

slash proof bags

What would you do ? 

I am sure your big plans have been ruined or delayed for at least a week.

Lets run to  your respective Embassy and lodge a complaint or call your hotel for some assistance to connect with your beloved once.

Let’s get this straight buddy , 

Your valuables should be inside a well protective bag , 

They must be zipped from all sides 

Must have a locking system , may be a password protected zipper

Also , comfortable and lightweight to rest on your shoulders or waist.

A typical travel bag won’t serve these basic needs but imagine if there could be an alternative

Yes don’t worry , technology takes care of traveller like you and me 

Anti theft bag is the answer !!!! 

Let me explain in details

What is an Anti Theft Bag ?

anti theft bag

Anti Theft Bags , designed especially for travellers like me and you. Built with an intent to protect your valuable item from thieves , pickpockets while you are travelling.

they can help you prevent theft while you are travelling. And most importantly keep your precious memories and belongings safe in your bag.

I have been in that situation a lot of time, exposed to the crowd in the bus or in the street. I might be enjoying the experience but I am unsure of who’s after me waiting for an opportunity to ruin my pleasure.

Once I had to lose my smartphone kept on the first chain of my bag while I was on a bus. Some pickpockets had a good day while I didn’t . 

In Fact in another ride , my cell phones dropped from my pocket and until i realised i have lost them i was already out of the auto in India. Courtesy of the auto driver to come back and hand me over my phone again.

How anti theft bag works ?

Anti Theft bags are well built with good quality materials subjected to theft. 

If you are going to shop for an anti theft bag , check the quality of material being used .

Usually they are manufactured with slash resistance materials

These are ultra high molecular weight polyethylene woven tightly with other technical fibre material and together they make it a great combination

Not so easily cut as it has the highest rated cut resistance level.

Some manufacturers also reinforce lightweight steel materials which can be good

but are also vulnerable to direct sunlight which can degrade its quality.

how anti theft bag works

Secondly , the use of RFID Technology in your bags .

RFID refers to “radio frequency identification”

Usually our  credit cards or debit cards come with chips that have sensitive personal datas . 

Hackers or scammers can read these frequencies using some skimming process and get these details.

The next minute , well you can be surprised with a message in your inbox saying “XXXX dollars debited from your account “

An Anti Theft Bags comes with RFID protection that restricts anyone from barging into your radio frequency and reading all your personal datas.

Clearly with these features , having an anti theft bag is a must.

Multiple Hidden covers and Shoulder Cut Resistance

You definitely don’t want your shoulder bags to get cut by any chance

Everybody loves the purse , shoulder bags , waist pouch and you would not want them to break out or be snatched by a thief.

theft proof bag

The cutting news is ,

Anti Theft bags have  shoulder belts or straps made of high quality resistive material to be cut by any chance. 

Not a thief will wait for hours  cutting your strap unless he is your friend and easily move on with regrets.

Compartments :

When it comes to the inside of an anti theft bag

and multiple numbers of compartments to keep your valuable stuff inside it.

One for your cameras, lens , laptops.

One for your journals and books and One for your clothes, cards  and daily necessities

Some of them are also designed to have an USB charger to charge your dying batteries, that would definitely be a great purchase isn’t it ?

Drawbacks of an Anti theft Bag ?

Well  to be honest , i would recommend everyone to use a theft proof bag as they are not only comfortable but also beneficial to a larger extent. 

If you ask me for drawbacks to an anti theft bags , 

Then one thing that i can suggest is for it to be complete water proof instead of water resistance.

You don’t want your valuables to get wet by any degree, yes its your laptop and my cameras in there. You don’t want them to get moist.

If you see it to be a water resistance , make sure to carry a mini rain cover with you as well.

Cost can be a factor for some.  Most of them are little on the expensive side . 

But as long as it serves your purpose and is affordable to your pockets you should definitely add this to your cart. 

Types of Anti Theft Bags 

what is an anti theft bag

Anti theft bags have modernized the whole game of bag manufacturers. More and more brands are adapting to this new form of carry bags with anti theft features in it.

I would say below are some of the major categories of anti theft bags or anti proof bags available in the industry.

The casual shoulder backpack

Courier Slim Backpack

Business Laptop Backpack

Classic Messenger bags

Anti Theft Purse

Lastly, I would like to conclude that the safety of our valuable item is in our hands , no one knows the value of having them much better than us. And it will be a great loss for us if we lose them either by misplacing them or stolen. 

Not only bags , there are other travelling accessories like your shoes , gloves or backpacks items like tents , pullovers or daily essentials which need utmost importances just like you bags.

Thanks for reading this post , do share your opinions on your major takeaways.

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