The Story Behind Royal On The

                                                                             Welcome to the blog “Royal On The

                                                Without much adieu i would like to explore you more about the website and its contents.

              Royal on the Roads is all about Adventures that you do outside your home. For kids it may be playing a sport , For families it can be a picnic                    or a vacation outside your home.

               For a team it can be travelling on the roads either on a roadtrip in a bike or car or going out solo

              The only mission being part of is to provide as much as information on the essentials , needs and                              necessities during your travel endeavors.

              what kind of gears you need , what amenities to carry , all these are equally important before you go ahead and step out on the road.

               My goal is not just to serve by referring to different products and tools but also to provide utmost information about these adventurous                         experiences.

               A bike rider would like to know more about accessories and tools

               A solo traveller may look for travel bags and tents

               In general any form of tools and resources a traveller would need i would like to keep this website updated with more and more contents.

               I have been living in the hilly regions of eastern part of India where people usually enjoy spending time outdoors . I have been of the same                     genes , have been travelling to a lot of places           

               together with friends and families. I could sense the amount  of time people spend to research and collect the basic amenities while travelling.

               With my expertise and experience , i would be glad to keep my readers and traveller updated with the best and latest content on the                     community